AVDS 1790 Aircooled engine

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AVDS 1790 Aircooled engine

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While doing army service "diensplig" around late 70's...
There was a piece of aircooled porn standing on a pallet in front of the army vehicle parts store "tiffies" workshop in Tempe Bloemfontein. Just below the tank workshop shed. Around the tank workshop there were old Centurion tank hulls bought from the middle east after the 70's wars.

V12 29 litre turbodiesel tank engine. I admired the aviation-type precision machining of the cooling fins and overall design. It was an upgrade engine for the Centurion tanks. Later called the "Olifant".

AVDS-1790- Various versions were available. Not sure exactly which one it was. Earlier versions ran on petrol and was half the weight. Overhead camshafts were gear driven. Two massive extractor cooling fans on top. Engine oil coolers and transmission oil coolers/intercoolers was partly obscuring view of cylinders and heads.
By the Continental aviation engine company.
Some experts mention that this engine is capable of nearly 2000 bhp, but detuned to be reliable during extreme conditions.

The youtube link at bottom seems to be working.

<iframe width="1280" height="720" src=" ... ></iframe>
https://www.autopuzzles.com/forum/index ... 7901;image


https://ia800408.us.archive.org/6/items ... ngines.pdf

Page 15 of the pdf at the bottom explains why this engine is so highly praised by armies of the middle east countries. While some water cooled tank engines claim to also be able to sustain full throttle running in deep loose sand at low speed/ 52 degrees C ambient temp... Reality seems sort of... slightly different. Page 15 explains why.

The newer turbojet tank engines do well... at the penalty of high fuel consumption when at part load/ idle conditions.

Staying Aircooled is so much nicer.
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