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Terry Phillips
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My Beetle

Post by Terry Phillips »

Had the car for a yr and done 25kms not the car thats the problem its the owner never drives it.I had the roof lining done big stories with that ended up they ran out of material so they used another darker beige that I was very pissed off about but after living with it its growing on me.

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Re: My Beetle

Post by Blitzkrieg »

For sale by any chance?
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Tony Z
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Re: My Beetle

Post by Tony Z »

looks good. The headliner colour change isnt bad, but I'd prefer it if they had the same pattern
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Re: My Beetle

Post by 73type2 »

To me its the same like if they sprayed a car and ran out of paint and decided to spray two fenders in another colour!
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Re: My Beetle

Post by retrovan »

Hi Terry,

It looks to be a bit of the liner on the back seat, just a suggestion, could they not add a small section to both sides to bring the joint down to below the back window, this will make it look as it was done by intention.

Sure they would do that just to have a satisfied customer.

But as said, this is only my opinion, and does not mean that it is now not nice.

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